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Yoga – A Gate to Meaningful Life |

Yoga – A Gate to Meaningful Life

We have all dwelled in that dark place of not knowing what is our direction, or purpose in life, but sensing there is something bigger and better out there for us. Gekko prepared an interview with Oksana Sokol, an Australian yoga teacher that lives on Bali to whom yoga and healthy lifestyle practices brought a more meaningful existence.

Oksana decided to change her life drastically, she moved to Bali and has been helping others make positive and conscious lifestyle choices. She created a yoga program for disadvantaged children at Bali Global Foundation and she organizes raw food retreats several times a year.

Gekko Retreats: Tell us a bit about your background; what made you start practicing yoga? Why is yoga a gate to meaningful life?

Yoga a gate to meaningful life

Yoga a Gate to Meaningful Life – Oksana in balance pose

Oksana: I was living as a successful film technician’s life working in the TV and in the Film industry. Life was in the fast lane. I was busy making a name for myself, hopping from one big job to the next, money fame and fortune was always just one step ahead of me.

But at the end of the day, what became quite apparent to me was that I was living a really unhappy and unfulfilled life. I just knew there was something else for me but I didn’t know what it was.

After a serious crisis one day I woke up realizing that I was lost. All my relationships where dysfunctional and I had no idea where up or down was.

My first yoga practice was not asana, it was mediation and energy work. This is how I begun healing myself. I got into Master Chao Kok Suis work with pranic healing. I began to learn how to approach life differently as the old ways weren’t working for me. In fact when I looked around it wasn’t working for many people around me.

I had no role models that had it all pulled together. So I started to explore, learn and put myself into practices that were all new to me. I detoxed the body, the mind, I read and learnt about new ways of living.

My whole life turned upside down. I stopped watching TV, and started participating in conscious gatherings.

I came to Bali to do yoga teacher training over 4 years ago and I never left. I whole-heartedly embarked on this journey ever since. I created a yoga program for disadvantaged children at the Bali Global Foundation that gave me a platform to put things into action, the path of service to others.

Gekko Retreats: How did your yoga student s benefit from their practice? What changes do you notice on your students?

Oksana: Yoga is actually a science, a path to learn about and develop your inner self. If you do certain things in a particular way you get certain results from them. As Pattabhi Jois says: Practice. Practice. All is coming.


Yoga a Gate to Meaningful Life

Yoga a Gate to Meaningful Life – Oksana’s bliss

Everybody’s yoga journey is so unique, some people come to yoga to get a work out, others come with injuries or discomforts that need attention, and some are looking to find peace and stillness in their hearts.

Whatever it is that attracts us to the practice, at the end of the day it’s a vehicle for us to appreciate the connection that already exists within is.

We come to a realization that the physical body and the mind are connected to everything and everyone else – as big as that seems to be.

Changes can happen immediately, and others can happen more subtly with time. From feeling more flexible and at ease with our bodies to being able to control our emotions and reactions to things – yoga is such a wonderful tool.

Gekko Retreats: What makes you happy?

Oksana: I consider myself to be very lucky to be living a life I could have only dreamt of before. All the things that I do make me happy, and I keep my focus on the things that make me happy.

The connections that I have developed with my friends, my family, with my community trough my yoga practice all contribute to this. I finally feel like I have a sense of belonging, in my own skin and on this planet. This wasn’t always the case but it has been a wonderful journey so far and I can only look forward to all the future adventures that life has in store for me.

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