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The Power Detox

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by Kimberly Snyder | Sep 2, 2011 | Weight Loss

The benefits associated with detoxing the body are numerous and widespread. Just to be clear, a detox and a diet are two totally different things. Diets are all about restriction, elimination, and counting calories. The word “diet” has a negative connotation associated with it that can be summed up in one word: temporary. Even when we say the word “diet” it almost affirms a belief about ourselves that there is something wrong with our bodies. It still saddens me when I see people on a diet who are in some form starving their body of nutrients. I cannot stress enough how negative this is on the body.

Let’s face it, the world we live in is toxic, and although we can’t control our environment, we can control what we eat. That is why real detoxification is gradual and takes time. It is important that we transition slowly. It should be more like walking up a hill versus scaling up a sheer cliff. Truthfully, anything within a short time period (days to weeks) is a quick fix that will not sustain any significant or desired lasting impact on your body. That’s why I do not advocate any of those short-term juice fasts, like the Blueprint Cleanse. You’re not going to detox in a significant way in 3 days, and you don’t learn any real, improved long-term lifestyle habits to really detox. To me those programs are synonymous with a crash diet, and the real motivation for most people to go on them is to lose weight quickly (even though it will be temporary). Real detoxification takes work and time.

The Beauty Detox Solution (BDS) is about a lifestyle change, starting with adjusting the way we treat our bodies. It is called a “solution” because it is about the abundance of the right foods. You only have one body, and it is crucial to take care of your body now so that you can avoid physical and mental disasters down the road. At the heart of the BDS solution is respect for the body that nature has given us, and honoring ourselves to treat it with the utmost care. It’s time to move away from the notion of a “quick fix” because real cleansing occurs intentionally, and on an ongoing basis. And by detox, all I really mean is ridding the body of the toxins that it is exposed to on a daily basis from metabolic waste in our food and in the environment. For those who are intimidated by the word, think of it this way- all it stands is “De-toxification.” AKA Removing the toxins from your body. (Who doesn’t want to get rid of ‘em?)

The good news is that it is never too late to start nourishing your system on a cellular level, and you can start today. If I haven’t convinced you yet, here are some remarkable benefits of ongoing detoxification.

1. Reduced and Reformed Cravings: I hate to sound like a broken record, but cravings are created when our bodies are lacking nutrients, and instead of what we really need (minerals, vitamins, enzymes) we reach for “empty” calorie foods and beverages like a diet soda or a bag of chips.

Most people are overfed and undernourished. Once you begin to detox, you will experience reduced cravings and a pleasant change in the healthy foods you desire. At first, it may seem like your cravings are getting worse, but that is why it is key to keep cleansing out old waste to accelerate the process (a Mag07 supplement or enemas/colonics can help) and keep good food options around you. If you have Candida the sugar cravings can be killer because the yeasts feed off sugar. It took me 2 years to stop craving cheese. But now I wouldn’t touch it. Be patient, and realize it is a gradual process towards a long-term shift where you will end up so much better off.

2. Natural and Healthy Weight Loss: Every body has a natural, balanced weight.

The key word here is natural. Your body protects itself from toxins by encasing them in fat. Once you start detoxing and reach a more alkaline state, your body releases these toxins and with it, the fat that surrounds it. While detoxing, your body will naturally slim down to the right weight for your build and figure. Many people find that they shed those stubborn extra pounds for the long-term with a true detox.

3. The “Glow” of Wellness: Detoxing purifies your blood and eliminated free radicals and destructive toxins.

It simultaneously cleans out your system like a gentle sponge while promoting healthy eating. This results in clear skin, bright eyes, shiny hair, and strong nails. When the body is in it’s preferred alkaline state, versus acidosis, you will get sick less often and heal from cuts quickly. This also includes powerful anti-aging protection. Cleansing protects and heals our skin from the impurities and deficiencies that are a big contributor to premature aging.

4. Improved Liver Function: If there is one organ in the body that cleansing targets, it’s the liver.

The liver is the main detoxifying organ in the body and is responsible for breaking down compounds and allowing them to be excreted through your urine and colon. When your liver is running at optimal capacity, you will feel energized, motivated and look beautiful because the toxins are filtered out efficiently. Of course, you can make your liver’s job much easier or conversely overload it, based on your diet.

5. Adaptogenic Support: Adaptogens are derived from herbs and plants and are known to increase resistance to stress and anxiety.

They are known for their ability to return the body to a balanced chemical state. Quite literally, adaptogens assist the body to “adapt” to physical and mental stress. Foods for energy is the key to unlocking the inner essence.

Understanding the way your body is built and honoring that by nourishing yourself foods that are high in minerals, vitamins and enzymes will ensure a powerful ongoing detox. I want to reiterate that with detoxing, the goal should never be measured on a timeline with an end date, but should be about embracing a lifestyle of improvement.
I want to leave you with a beautiful quote that I found the other day.

“We don’t have a soul, we are a soul. We have a body.” – C.S. Lewis

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