Gekko Retreats promotes and develops programs for regenerating your body, mind and soul. Our purpose is to reveal self-improvement techniques in beautiful surroundings which goal is to assist you improve your lifestyle, outlook on life and help you live the life you always dreamed of. We offer wellness retreat, yoga, spa, massage, surf yoga, biotherapy workshop and lot more retreats in Bali.
Jalan Imam Bonjol, Gang Barito 20, Puri Pande
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Shortcodes – Maps

Default Maps view

[map width="590" height="350" position="41.881831:-87.629814" zoom="10" type="map1" address="" title=""]

Different Maps type : HYBRID

[map width="590" height="350" position="41.881831:-87.629814" zoom="10" type="map2" address="" title=""]

The following types are supported:

  • ROADMAP displays the normal, default 2D tiles of Google Maps.
  • SATELLITE displays photographic tiles.
  • HYBRID displays a mix of photographic tiles and a tile layer for prominent features (roads, city names).
  • TERRAIN displays physical relief tiles for displaying elevation and water features (mountains, rivers, etc.).

Maps with marker and info window

[map width="590" height="400" position="41.881831:-87.629814" zoom="7" type="map3" address="Chicago, IL, United States" title=""]


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