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Unlock Your Brain Potential with True NLP Training and Structural Psychology |

Unlock Your Brain Potential with True NLP Training and Structural Psychology

There is nlp and there is True NLP. The difference is fundamental. True NLP training is a strategic and systemic approach to transformation. It is the difference that makes the difference, unleashing the true power of NLP.

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NLP training Bali 2015 Anita Kozlowski

“NLP training techniques are useless unless applied within the framework of understanding the system of thinking inherent to an individual. To fully experience the full potential of NLP training you should first develop a system of thinking necessary to apply these methods. Unless you can do that, you cannot be a powerful agent of transformational change” says Anita Kozlowski MSc, an internationally recognized Licensed trainer of NLP and developer of Structural Psychology, a system that revolutionizes the application of NLP in coaching and therapy.

“NLP is the DNA of Applied Psychology”, says Anita Kozlowski, “With true NLP training you will discover and maximize your potential, both personally and professionally. You will become much more effective and efficient, more confident and resourceful, and more powerful in all interpersonal situations.”

NLP offers a fast way to overcoming major hurdles – often with just one session, Kozlowski says.

“The program can obliterate negative emotions and behaviors such as overeating, smoking, drug addiction, phobias and negative relationships.

A student may be doing poorly not because of ability but because his or her learning pathways are blocked with negative perceptions.

The filter through which the student processes information may not corresponds to the format in which the information is provided.

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NLP training Bali 2015

“Learning difficulties are often not the student’s problem but a teacher’s problem”, says Kozlowski
“NLP training helps students expand their perceptual filters to open their (students’) capacity to process and store information, With NLP we can dramatically enhance the learning potential of a student while eliminating the emotional states that lead to underachievement.”

Others can be helped, such as those caught in abusive relationships or those with bipolar disorders.

Major sales and business leaders around the world have taken this NLP training. Many world class athletes have taken the training and dramatically enhanced their performance. People who study True NLP become influential and persuasive by learning the technology and read body language, physiological cues, eye movements and language patterns.
One of the top trainers in the world, Anita Kozlowski has taken this methodology to the next level. Having trained thousands of therapists she realized they all shared one common problem in being able to sort through the vast amount information clients presents them with, in order to get to the root of the problem as quickly as possible.

“Structural Psychology is the system behind the system. It is the methodology allowing you to remove guess-factor out of any communication. If you are therapist or a coach, you can quickly sort through seemingly irrelevant information and instantly see all the main connection in everything your client tells you. This is the most revolutionary system in Applied Psychology and the most effective. This is my greatest contribution to the science of human communication”.

The training is the best investment in your life. It is the best way you can train yourself to be in charge of your own brain, emotions and beliefs.
“You will never be in a reactive mode again,” says Anita Kozlowski


NLP training was a success!

Anita Kozlowski is a true mind scientist. With graduate degrees in neuropsychology, structural equation modeling in social research and mathematics, is a powerful and dynamic trainer who continues transforming lives through her innovative and revolutionary approach to NLP and DHE.

“I really want to empower people to live a happier and more resourceful life rather than limiting themselves by their negative beliefs. True NLP is life changing for everyone, especially young people wondering where they are going with their lives, in the changing world we live in.”

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    Hello, when is this course available? yoga with NLP practitioner training? I'd like to come in feb or march. Reply

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