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How does NLP help you gain self-confidence? |

How does NLP help you gain self-confidence?

To take charge of the way we think is to take charge of our lives!

I am sure we all read that statement somewhere, and its great, but what does it actually mean? How does the way we think influence our reality? Are our thoughts really so important?

And yes, our thoughts are important. The way we think and the underlying beliefs form our reality and subconsciously attract specific experiences to us. What does that mean? It means that truly we are the creators of our experiences, just most of the times we not aware of it nor we know how it happens.

So, you have probably been in a situation to ask yourself why did this happen to me? This is not really happening to me?!

When i was a kid in primary school, another kid and i had collided heads, running from two separate directions and not seeing each other. I had a strong concussion, lost my conscious, vomited, my speech and vision were temporary impaired. The other kid had a strong head, he was fine.

I had recovered after a few days, but each time i got physically or emotionally excited, the trauma from the head injury came back. So for few years, i was occasionally having heavy migraines, re-living the head collision over and over again. And each time i would have asked myself –  why me? I was locked in fear, but the fear of the migraine kept bringing back the same experience.

NLP helps

NLP helps us take charge of our lives

It was a case of playing out the victim mentality, oh its happening to me again! So, at one point i realized its time to step up for myself and to say no to my migraines. So i said, every time i was scared i might be getting another migraine i told myself, no, you are feeling great and its all good and you don’t have a migraine. And the dreadful experience never came back to me again. I am still migraine free 25 years later.

So all in all, my own belief was recreating the migraine, the stressful experience. I was standing in my own way. But, thanks to my willpower i got rid of this belief and replaced it with the new one.

So, NLP helps us uncover such unwholesome beliefs and NLP helps us to replace those beliefs with positive ones. NLP helps us upgrade your brain software:

1. NLP helps us uncover how we design our experiences

It is a study of thinking patters, and a study of how our mind really works, Anita Kozlowski – the master NLP practitioner from Live with power tells us.
Because NLP help is so precise and so logical, it deconstructs HOW we design our experience and create our realities it allows us to understand our thinking patterns and our beliefs that form complexities underlying our decisions.

This approach is based on structural psychology, deconstructing the psyche to simple elements such as cognitive processes and motivation meaning that we adopt certain beliefs based on experiences we encounter. I adopted a belief that each time i got excited my traumatic head concussion has to be relived. No idea why, but the excitement triggered it. So by deconstructing some of our behaviors we can understand the underlying issues in our behavior.

2. NLP teaches us a whole new system of thinking

It is a system of thinking based on a very precise logic, which when we adopt it, enables us to uncover our limiting beliefs and access the realms of our beautiful other than conscious mind. It assists us to leave behind the position of a victim, and realize we are in power to drive our own bus.

I decided as a kid i want to drive my own bus, so you can do to with NLP.

3. NLP gives us the tools and strategies to model desired patterns of behavior

So the NLP challenges us to try new ways of thinking and trough that teaches us precise methods to solve problems, develop a positive mental attitude and gain self – confidence. It is important to set a goal when doing NLP training to reap the most benefits. But, most importantly NLP helps us take back our power by getting rid of the victim state of mind that drives ineffectiveness, procrastination and illnesses in our lives. is co-organizing a Certified NLP practitioner’s 8 day workshop with Anita Kozlowski in Bali. Find out more here.

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