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Meditate easier with binaural beats |

Meditating with binaural beats



I’ve been meditating for years and it has always been a pleasant experience. My busy mind would calm down, thoughts would come and go and I’d always feel peaceful after meditation. But sometimes it was hard to concentrate, or should I say – let go and just be. So I found something that could help – binaural beats. 

What are binaural beats?

To put it simply they are frequencies that function in a way that one frequency goes in one ear, and another in the other ear, so you have to use stereo headphones to experience the effect they have on the brainwaves. The difference of those two frequencies actually puts your brain in a certain state of mind, depending on which frequencies you choose.

For example, if one frequency is 350Hz and the other is 360Hz the binaural beat would be 10Hz, which would put your brain in the Alpha state of mind, a state of nice relaxation. This is called “brain entrainment”. What it means is that your brain reacts to rhythmic sensory stimulation, such as pulses of sound.

What is it good for?

My experience with this was absolutely amazing! It truly helped me concentrate better and get into a meditative state of mind much quicker. After the meditation I would feel peaceful and focused at the same time. Just meditating was good enough, but these frequencies helped synchronise my brain to the frequencies I wanted and kept me in a meditative state of mind all day long.

Apart from putting our brain in deep relaxation, you can choose different frequencies for different states of mind. Some are used to boost creativity, some for increasing focus, or reduce anxiety. I would use Theta and Delta waves for relaxation and before bedtime, as I had problems sleeping at night due to my busy mind.

Beta and/or Gamma waves are great when you need to focus and be proactive, as it helps you concentrate better. Those are great in the morning, when you want to start your day afresh. Alpha waves, on the other hand I use to boost creativity, like before my performances, or when I need to work on something creative like write songs or arrangements, etc.

There are lot more frequencies, some with subliminal messages to help you quit smoking, attract abundance, be more positive, stop procrastinating, etc. If you listen only once you will feel the difference immediately. However, doing it regularly for at least 3 weeks up to 8 weeks will surely be more effective! After meditating with binaural beats for 3 months regularly in the morning and before bedtime, I felt focused, peaceful, and totally in sync with the Universe!

Things started manifesting quicker, I could follow several conversations and/or situations at once with absolute clarity, I managed my time better and was simply more efficient. If you are an entrepreneur or a freelancer, always managing your work and being your own boss, this is a great tool cause it truly makes you more productive, doing things in a calmer yet in concentrated way. These meditations are really useful for anyone who’d like to balance their state of mind and live a more peaceful life.

Synchronise your brain!

The first ones I discovered were “Brainsync” meditations by Kelly Howell. I tried many others after but these are the ones I prefer, as I found they work really well and the sound is of great quality. It is up to you to choose the ones you like best – meditation music or nature sounds, as well as guided meditations which are great for beginners or when you need help concentrating, all enhanced with frequencies of choice.

Today I create my own meditations with and without frequencies. It’s truly amazing how a sound can alternate our state of mind.


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