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How to Balance Your Chakras with Sound |

How to Balance Your Chakras with Sound

How Does Sound Healing Work


AwaHoshi Playing the Quartz Crucibles to produce Pure Tone Octave

Few weeks ago i have attended the annual Bali Spirit Festival for the second time in my life and it was a blast! Very high energy, unconventional yoga sessions, breath work, lectures, good healthy food…All so yummi, equally so for your soul and for your body. And the first time i have experienced a sound healing session with crystal bowls, conducted by wonderful AwaHoshi Kavan from United States, sound healer with more than two and a half decades of sound healing experience.

We were lying down, head facing the north, legs facing the south, comfortably stretched on the floor. We were instructed to visualize our affirmations or our soul’s desire that we wanted to manifest. AwaHoshi was playing the Silicone Quartz Crucibles, playing the octave of crystal sound harmonics. Since our bodies are 87% water, and we are electromagnetic beings, the sound resonates in our electromagnetic field.

Our Bodies are Electromagnetic

The sound of the crystals is here to amplify our bio-crystalline being and amplify our true vibration which is happiness and health. On a larger scale the crystal sound assists to bring the harmony and health to the planet Earth.

Each bowl is a different size and resonates to a different pure tone. Each pure tone resonates with one of our chakras. I started meditating with the pure tones after the Bali Spirit Festival, and have had amazing results in the sense of greater focus, clearing away the stuck energy and even having strong visions while I meditate.

Easy Meditation in Few Steps

The way to do it is to maybe sit comfortably on chair or bed and close your eyes. Perhaps focus on the breath coming in and out of your nostrils while you breathe deeply in and out. Repeat a few times. Then perhaps move the focus towards your entire body, as a whole.

Try to focus on the feelings inside your body starting from the head, then moving the focus of your awareness trough your chest, towards your upper and lower belly, your pelvis and then the legs.

What sensations did you notice? Were some areas in need of attention more than others? Was there stress accumulated in some areas or discomfort or pain?

Those sensations will point you to which chakras you should focus on. For example, I have been feeling discomfort in the area of my belly, my solar plexus. So i listen to the recording of the tone of the solar plexus.

I practice focusing on the tone, hearing the tone and feeling the tone in my body to allow its frequency to clear the energy in that area.

Find the tone that feels the best for you, your body will know which one it is.

Internet is a wonderful resource and you can find almost any meditation you need recorded on youtube. I am sharing the divine crystal sound meditations from Templesounds for all chakras starting with the lowest.

Root chakra – Muladhara – TONE C

Sacral chakra – Svadhistanha – TONE D

Solar plexus – Manipura – TONE E

Heart chakra – Anahata – TONE F

Throat chakra – Vishhuddha – TONE G

Eye chkra – Ajna – TONE A

Crown chakra – Sahasrara- TONE B


Enjoy!! Let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.
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