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Detox Bali Retreat |

Detox Bali Retreat

BALI, Indonesia

Give your self a gift of self-love and change your life by choosing personalized detox program at Villa Gaia retreat specially catered to you and your needs. Our in-house herbalist will formulate the detox regime and type of juice drinks and herbal teas that are personalized according to your health needs.

Do you ever get time only for you?

To heal

To cleanse

To be healthy

To be inspired

To be whole

To be nurtured

To rejuvenate in nature

We adjust the nutrition package depending if you want to do a full deep cleanse based on liquids or can combine with raw food menu and vegetables broth. Everybody’s body is unique so we work a program that suits your unique needs and desires.

Important to know during Detox Bali Retreat

o Energy Levels: please bare in mind that during your detox you will be in a tropical climate and also not consuming solid foods. You may also find that your emotions are at times raw, you may experience mood changes, however after a few days most people report clarity of mind and calmness.

o Healing crisis/reaction: during a detox you may find your skin initially breaks out as toxins are released, or at times your body aches, you have low energy or headaches. Increase your water, be kind to yourself, rest and discuss with us how you are feeling. if you previously were a big consumer of caffeine headaches on day 2 or 3 can be strong as you withdraw.

o Liquids: Generally, even on juicing only, you do not get hungry but its imperative to stay hydrated drink min 3 liters of water daily as well as your two coconuts, and of course a glass of your juice every 2.5 to 3 hours.

o Weight Reduction: it is likely you will reduce weight unless you are optimum weight, during this time. It is common over 7 days to reduce 2-5 kg , depending on your original condition and weight, no. of colonics, and the speed your metabolism. Those of low weight or underweight, generally stay the same weight.


o Probiotics – month supply, to reconstitute the bowel with good flora
o Liver Cleansing Herbal tablets

Please discuss all orders. If you are Australian Resident these can be delivered to your home. If you are a Resident of another country please discuss how to obtain optimum supplements.

Inclusions, depending on number of nights

This is example for 5 DAYS option allows you to settle into your new sense of health, happiness and physical renewal with a few days to spare for travel, sight-seeing or relaxing. Going deeper into the process.

Inclusions :

Transfer including pick up and drop off to Airport
5 nights accommodation
5 days unlimited supply of fresh detox juices, coconut water and unlimited water
Daily supply of pro-biotic, natural supplement intake and fiber powder supply
Health consultation with the herbalist and detox orientation
Vitamin C injection
3 sessions yoga or guided meditation exercises
3 sessions colonic hydrotherapy sessions

Infrared Sauna 3 x a day for 15 – 30 minutes
2 sessions kidney compress with amethyst bio mat therapy
2 sessions of 1 hour massage
1 hour session of natural body wraps
1 session Natural Facial
Cleansing in the holy water temple at Tampak Siring
Fruits platter and fresh fruit juice in the last morning of fasting
Complimentary natural product


To maximize the outcomes and support your body on this detox journey we suggest 5-7 days prior to your Detox retreat, to cut out the following from your diet:

o Meat: cut out red meat first i.e. pork, lamb, beef then chicken, fish OR if possible stop all meat 5-7 days prior
o Dairy Products & Wheat
o Caffeine
o Reduce alcohol intake
o Reduce refined sugar intake
o Increase pure water intake to 8 large glasses minimum per day

By following the above guidelines you will find that your detox time with us will be more pleasant, with less side effects, allowing you to enjoy Bali, excursions and activities.

Please continue any medication, vitamins and minerals.

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