Gekko Retreats promotes and develops programs for regenerating your body, mind and soul. Our purpose is to reveal self-improvement techniques in beautiful surroundings which goal is to assist you improve your lifestyle, outlook on life and help you live the life you always dreamed of. We offer wellness retreat, yoga, spa, massage, surf yoga, biotherapy workshop and lot more retreats in Bali.
Jalan Imam Bonjol, Gang Barito 20, Puri Pande
Body Balance and Beauty Retreat |

Body Balancing and Beauty Retreat

Indonesia, BALI
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    Pool Evening Body Balance and Beauty Retreat
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    GArdens Body Balance and Beauty Retreat
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    Massage Room Body Balance and Beauty Retreat
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    Breakfast Bar Body Balance and Beauty Retreat
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    Villa Twilight Body Balance and Beauty Retreat
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    Pool Entrance Body Balance and Beauty Retreat
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    Master Bathroom Body Balance and Beauty Retreat
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    Master2 Bedroom Body Balance and Beauty Retreat
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    Asian Room Body Balance and Beauty Retreat
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    Dinner Body Balance and Beauty Retreat
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    Teppanyaki Body Balance and Beauty Retreat
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    Facial Body Balance and Beauty Retreat
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    Gold Mask Body Balance and Beauty Retreat
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    Gym Equipment Body Balance and Beauty Retreat
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    Meditation Body Balance and Beauty Retreat
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    Yoga Class Body Balance and Beauty Retreat
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    Private Chef Body Balance and Beauty Retreat
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    Relaxation Area Body Balance and Beauty Retreat
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    Yoga Room Body Balance and Beauty Retreat
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    Gym Room Body Balance and Beauty Retreat

Our retreats are Asia’s first true high tech Medical Retreats for visible results in anti aging, wellness, regeneration and beauty. Our philosophy has always been to treat each client holistically with modern medicine combined with traditional healing therapies. This has lead to our success and many awards, such as Best Medical Spa in Asia, and in the World.

Cocoon-Medical-Spa1 - spa baliNow we would love to present to you our new intensive anti-aging, wellness and weight loss retreats.

Anti-aging is not just a buzz word, it is a real possibility with today’s modern medicine. It starts with intensive screening to find the causes of diseases and pain. From there a unique personalized treatment is prescribed to the patient. This program will bring about complete change in your health – immediately you will get more energy and vitality, relieve pain, balance the hormones, moods, reduce depression and anxiety symptoms, lose weight. The absolute ambition is to maintain the new habits set, and therefore head towards “healthy longevity”.

With an intensive medical program in a 6 night / 7 day retreat, the Cocoon program will treat you holistically with state of the art medicine, screening tests, equipment together with traditional healing methods. The combination of many intensive treatments is the aim of regenerative and preventative medicine. This will ensure the renewal physically and spiritually, towards better health and longevity in the long term.

Therapies include a combination of modern medical detoxification treatments, anti aging diagnosis and treatments and non-invasive fat loss technologies. Targeted body therapies are combined with relaxation therapies and Doctors lifestyle coaching to relieve stress, anxiety and depression. All these treatments are combined with a energetic diet of ‘living foods’ meals and cold pressed juices.

The retreat is situated in one of the most beautiful luxury properties in Bali, with 5,000sqm of space. The retreat is limited to just 5 clients, bringing partners, maximum 10 people in total.

Facilities include – gym, yoga, spa, media room and numerous relaxing rooms.

Cocoon Medical Spa’s villa is a private and luxurious retreat to recharge amidst the beauty, warmth and rich culture of Bali. Surrounded by beautiful beaches and rice fields, guests can experience the ultimate in personalized service, the luxury of space and the true beauty of Bali.

The resort villas are designed luxuriously to give each client a relaxing holiday with individual privacy. The retreat is designed to connect living spaces to the soothing sights and sounds of the natural surroundings. Courtyards and private spaces open to the sky, letting in natural light and the ocean breeze. An outdoor pavilion is the perfect place from which to relax and enjoy the views by day or by night. Custom designed interiors offer the absolute height in luxury and hi-tech functionality.

All guests staying are entitled to the following villa amenities and facilities:

Complimentary Wi-Fi access
Complimentary use of pool
Private balcony and terrace with sun loungers
Private in-villa dining
Relaxation pavilion
En-suite bathroom with bath tub, indoor and shower
Accommodation Package:

1 Queen Bedroom in a shared villa for 1 or 2 adults sharing
Own Private Bathroom
Shared living area and pool

6 nights accommodation:
1 bedroom (for 1 or 2 guests)
Full board, all meals for 1 adult
All transfers in executive cars
Executive car on standby for the whole duration of dates
Tours as outlined in itinerary:
temples, traditional cooking class, Monkey Forest, elephant riding, chocolate making
3 x Health and medical screenings by qualified Doctors – Body impedence screening, Lifestyle analysis, Blood test for
hormone and mineral levels and deficiencies
3 x Velashape Ultrasound Cavitation, Radio Frequency and Mechanical suction pressure
3 x Fat massage, deep tissue
3 x PPC Injections – 10ml
3 x Colon Hydrotherapy
3 x Oxygen Bar sessions
3 x Vitamin Infusion
3 x Infrared Sauna
5 x Days Pure Juices
3 x Personal trainer sessions in the gym
3 x light, healthy meals a day
1 x Anti-aging facial
1 x Manicure / Pedicure, hair wash and blowdry

Please note: Price does not include flights, visas, tour entrance fees, any personal expenses

Bring a friend and get exclusive discount on accommodation and full treatment

5,187 USD

+ Choose a Free medical facial treatment:
PRP or Dermapen or Fractional Laser or Radio Frequency treatment

Our participation says

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My friend and I signed up for the 5 day detox program and are impressed with the standard. The retreat centre is a beautiful place to stay in! The villas overlook a rice paddy field and ...
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