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Biotherapy course and treatement retreat |

Biotherapy Course and Treatment Retreat

Indonesia, BALI

logo wordSvarga Loka – Rainforest retreat

The origin of our name takes inspiration from the Hindu epic poem, the Mahabharata, which describes Svarga Loka, as heavenly paradise for the Hindu gods. In modern times it can be related to rainforest retreat.

By entering the world of Svarga Loka, one surrenders to the journey of self-discovery where all pressures of modern life fade away. In its hypnotically beautiful surroundings, rain-forest retreat offers tropical floral diversity, surrounding rice paddies, sounds of the Campuhan River and luxury repost. By invoking the simplicity of life in nature, Svarga Loka Resort allures all those in need of feeding the body and soul with natural beauty and loving kindness, seasoned with Balinese tradition.

Situated in the heart of Penestenan, Ubud on the banks of Campuhan river, Svarga Loka offers  a dose of daily practice of: White Crane Kung Fu, Tao Kung, Yoga, Meditation, a wide range of Spa and Wellness services, as well as group city tours and outings.

Biotherapy course and treatement retreat with Ivan Roca

Biotherapy has been proven to achieve complete recovery from some diseases, while alleviating symptoms, attaining greater independence for the patient or arresting the development of the disease in other cases.
In this course, the first of 2 Modules, Ivan Roca will instruct you in practicing biotherapy confidently on yourself.

Biotherapy – clinical bioenergy treatment certified course Module A

Combining both theoretical learning and practice in a classroom environment and real-world therapy in a clinical environment, this course offers you theoretical knowledge, practice, hands-on experience and real-world experience.
Suitable: for practitioners interested in expanding their effectiveness and results with their clients. Open to anyone interested in healing with bioenergetics.  module A certified

* No previous experience of healing/energy work is necessary to learn Biotherapy. Basic anatomy and physiology knowledge are recommended.


Key Points of Biotherapy

• A clinically proven and applied for over 40 years.
• A result-based therapy, based on a western medicine diagnosis and after an evaluation by the biotherapist targeting specific outcomes.
• A treatment working on the organs, tissue, and at the cellular level and not using the chakra nor meridian systems.
• Not affiliated with any religious nor spiritual beliefs.
• Non-invasive with no side effects
• About getting measurable results in the medical sense
• Complementary with any western-eastern medical/alternative therapies.
• Easily applied without special conditioning of the mind and body.

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Ivan Roca Portrait

Ivan Roca – Therapist and trainer

Ivan Roca (44) is Croatian biotherapist and lecturer who is practicing biotherapy – clinical bioenergy therapy for the last 9 years professionally in his own bioenergy clinic in Zagreb and Bangkok. Also, he is visiting therapist in Hong Kong, Zurich, Singapore, Penang and Amsterdam.

He held lectures for the Rangsit University at the Faculty of the Oriental Medicine, for the University of Zagreb in Croatia at the Faculty of Fine Arts & at the Hong Kong Cancer Fund which is using his services for their patients.

at rangist univ

In last nine years his center gave treatments to more than 9.000 people from all around the world. He treated with great success most of the chronic and acute medical conditions and ailments.
His mission is to spread knowledge about bioenergetics as pure medical tool without spiritual connotations and pseudo scientific traps.

Academic and practical background in artistic expression in conjunction with scientific and esoteric themes through the eyes of experienced biotherapist make his lectures more than simple training. It is sharing of the creative force to make world better and to grow together

Biotherapy – clinical bioenergy treatment certified course Module A

40 hours total (5-day course)

Mon, 13 Jun 2016

COURSE 10 am – 1 am, 5 am – 7 am

5 hours (introduction, human energy system and basic techniques, basic procedure)

Tue, 14 Jun 2016

THERAPY 3-5pm; 2 hours (clinical group treatment observation)

COURSE 10 am – 12 pm, 6 pm – 8 pm

4 hours (basic therapy procedures, psychokinesis demonstration, explanation and practice)

Wen, 15 Jan 2016

THERAPY 3 pm – 5 pm

2 hours (clinical group treatment observation)

COURSE 10 am -1 pm, 6 pm – 8 pm

5 hours (theory and practice basic techniques and basic step-by-step methodology for basic most common ailments)

Thu, 16 Jan 2016

THERAPY 3 pm – 5 pm

2 hours (clinical group treatment observation)

COURSE 10 am – 1 pm, 6 pm – 8 pm

5 hours (theory and practice, step-by-step methodology for most common ailments)

Fri, 17 Jan 2016

THERAPY 3 pm- 5 pm

2 hours (clinical group treatment observation)

COURSE 10 am – 1 pm, 6 pm – 8 pm

5 hours (Theory and advanced procedures and step-by-step advanced methodology for specific ailments focusing on chronic diseases, autoimmune diseases, neoplastic diseases, neuro-muscular diseases, contraindications, preoperative, postoperative and hospice.)

A combination of concentration and mindfulness techniques for mental clarity and inner calmness. What better way to experience a sense of balance and harmony than by taking time to be still and in silence , yet savoring the sounds and sensations experienced in the heavenly surroundings of Svarga Loka Resort.

Svarga Loka Yoga Flow
a morning yoga class which starts with breathing exercises and transitions into a fluid asana practice, giving the students a solid foundation of how to use their body and breath with greater awareness while fully immersing with the natural surroundings.

Relax & Restore Yoga
a deeply relaxing and therapeutic yoga session that allows healing on a mental and physical level.

Group Cultural City Tour
based on preference this can be a group walk (or more like a hike in hilly Ubud) accompanied by a tour guide and visit to the city’s historical and cultural monuments. A fun & bonding day for the guests.

What is fascinatingly unique for Svarga Loka resort is that it is built on the slopes of Campuhan river in cascades of wooden decks. It is build in a sustainable way, in harmony with the natural surroundings of the river and the rainforest. Also, Svarga Loka concept is created together with the local tao kung master, whose temple and practice is situated on the grounds of the resort. The master’s students hold daily practice of Tao Kung during the retreat.

This rainforest retreat is a wonderful example of collaboration between the local tradition, nature, and modern top notch hospitality. Although all rooms offer the highest standard of comfort and luxuriousness, as part of our concept of restoring inner balance and connecting with nature, our rooms do not offer TV or internet connection.

During the entire stay at Svarga Loka, guests are in direct touch with pristine nature. Using all the facilities, during their rest, dining, yoga or spa activities, clients are outdoors, exposed to the serenity of the surrounding nature. Quite often, even though city of Ubud is close and daily cultural tours are available as a part of the retreat program, clients choose to stay in the resort and savor the green luxury.

Note: Rates will include breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet, 2 Tao Kung, yoga or meditation classes, and use of pool and all of the facilities in the resort

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