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Art and Soul Retreat

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DARE, an acronym for Discover, Adventure, Rejuvenate & Educate, is specialized in preparing wonderful retreats; for those who want to make an impact on their lifestyle! DARE is about discovering what is important to build a positive & happy life. At DARE we offer workshops & retreats which have been designed specifically for three main interest areas:


The Retreat for Professional Development
The Retreat for Personal Development
Holidays for people who prefer not to travel alone

All too often adults leading busy lives become stuck within their routine and they forget to enjoy living in the way they should. Feeling stressed leads to a lack of production & usually results in one feeling ineffective & unhappy.

This unhappiness then tends to impact on those around them, either at work or home. Likewise being so connected (internet, smart phones, ipads & more) it is actually hard for people to ever switch off.

Art and Soul Retreat is about taking time out and exploring another culture that has a strong art & spiritual connection in their daily life under the guidance of an Internationally acclaimed Interior Designer and coach Ros Hemley (Director of DARE).

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Art and Soul Retreat Bali Life

Ros, who previously worked & lived on the Island, will share the secrets to the beautiful creativity that abounds & will treat guests to some of her favorite experiences. They will also be introduced to the practice of being mindful in their daily life and will learn about design thinking & becoming more creative (not artistic) for confidence through a series of lectures and activities.

Research shows that if we are happy & fulfilled our work production increases by 31%. So this retreat would be perfect as a professional development program or incentive trip for people involved in business, whether it be corporate or those in smaller privately own business. It will be fun and informative.

Art and Soul Retreat will be an opportunity for reconnecting with what is important, a time to rest & replenish and then an experience intended to inspire creative thinking for confidence & happiness.

Ros and her team discovered the beautiful Ayung Resort Ubud and Villa Air, Seminyak, Bali to create the retreat of 7 days, the Art and Soul Retreat. Designed to allow guests an escape from their busy lives to rejuvenate & be pampered.

More than a holiday, a time off for personal development, the Art and Soul Retreat offers a choice of indulgence in two beautiful locations on Bali. First four days you will relax an rejuvenate in the luscious green surroundings of royal town of Ubud in Ayung Resort. The last three days you will explore the exciting Seminyak dining and shopping scenery in the Seminyak.

Deluxe Garden Room Single – 4580 US
Deluxe Garden Share – 3220 US

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“Profound. Eye opening. Life changing! When I went to the “Life coaching” workshop at the Serenity Eco Guest house in Bali, I had no idea what to expect. Rosa is a super friendly, kindhearted and open ...
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