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Helene Weiss NLP Mindset Coach |

Helene Weiss NLP Mindset Coach

helene weiss

With a background in communications and humanitarian work, Helene established her business to help individuals suffering from anxiety, depression and trauma to build a joy full and meaningful life. Her approach is based on neurolinguistic programming and positive psychology, which facilitates quick and lasting change on a subconscious level.

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

In my NLP Coaching, I help entrepreneurs, business owners and people who are looking to create a happier life for themselves. Specifically, I work with low confidence, lack of motivation, negative self-image, fear, anxiety, trauma and unwanted behaviours.

With my international practitioner license I treat a variety of conditions ranging from negative self-belief to anxiety and trauma.
Helene Weiss NLP Mindset Coach

What is it good for?

Helene Weiss NLP Mindset Coach
To shift your mindset and feel good about yourself.

  • Increasing confidence (f.e. public speaking, dating)
  • Increasing motivation (f.e. beating procrastination)
  • Erasing money blocks for entrepreneurs
  • Overcoming fears & unwanted behaviours
  • Trauma & phobia

What does it cost?

  • Beginning at 3 sessions: US$450
  • Additional 60min session: US$150
  • 10 session package (10 hrs): US$1300

Life Coaching

Most people who come to me for life coaching are seeking direction in life. They find themselves in transition, for example after a break-up or when in search for a more meaningful life and career. I run a passion & purpose theme which guides through a process of uncovering values, personality and strengths. Putting it all together, we generate a compass that is unique to you. It’ll help you see more clearly which steps you need to take next.

One on One

Receive individually-tailored support in transition.

My life coaching is all about transition. Just as I’ve been through a major transition in my life, or several little ones, I’m guiding you through yours with all the experience, tools and expertise I’ve acquired on the way. No matter if you’re struggling to find your foot after separating from a partner, feel like you’re not happy in your career or simply frustrated with life in general, I offer 4-week coaching packages to continuously work with you on gaining more clarity and confidence to move on with life and set foot on your own journey.

What does it cost?

Transition is life in progress. Subscribe monthly.

We are assessing your personality, strengths and values to see how these combine in a roadmap for you to find direction in life. There will be tests, discussion and reflection on what your next steps are.

Monthly (4 x 60min, 1 session/week): US$600

3 months package: $US1600

To contact Helen send us an email.


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