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Healthy start into the New Year |

Healthy start into the New Year

Healthy start into the New Year
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Ending the Old and Starting with New Year

Every year we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to have the perfect entry into the New Year, but for most of people it means to go to a big party and have fun! Either way somehow there is this pressure to have fun. I think it’s a bit silly to put that much pressure on a given day because I feel that every day matters and that shouldn’t be such a big deal.

We should celebrate every day and have something to look forward to every morning. We should spend quality time with our loved ones and show them we care no matter which day it is. And we should do something fun every once in a while and not have the obligation to have fun on a certain day that wasn’t even our choice! I mean, how do you know how you’ll feel on New Year’s Eve? What if you just want to stay in bed all day but because of this pressure you force yourself to go out and have a good time on a party you really didn’t even want to attend.

Revision of the old year and creating new habits

However, I do like the idea of starting over and creating new habits! It can also be any day in the year, doesn’t have to be a New Year’s Day, but it is the beginning of a new year and a good chance to start over. In my opinion it is not that important to have a blast the night before, but it’s more important how you end your year and how you start it.

Every new year I have this ritual of looking back at the past year and checking what I’ve accomplished and experienced as well as what lessons have I learned. Also, I set my goals for the next year and what I would like to experience. That way on the next New Year’s Eve I can check that list again and see how did i do and if I had accomplished all I had hoped for! I think it’s quite useful to have this written down because when you have goals and set your intentions somewhere then the energy of the universe is also focused in that direction.

Try to focus on positive things and choose wisely where you want your energy to go, because this is how we manifest our desires. You might get what you want (and most likely you will!).

Another thing I decided to do this year was to enter the New Year without a drop of alcohol, surrounded with sober people and doing something completely different! I chose to attend a yoga New Year’s Eve celebration!

I’ve been practicing yoga for years and living a spiritual life is very important to me, but this was something that I wasn’t used to. We spent all night chanting bhajans which are the kind of devotional songs without a fixed form, usually involving mantras or kirtan expressing love for the Divine.

This was educational and inspiring, as the performers were quite good and the songs were really nice! After intensive singing, we had a guided meditation, storytelling – wise stories with a message, and gong sound baths (healing meditation involving different kinds of percussion) which was quite pleasant. The whole evening was quite an experience and I had a nice time! 

I got exactly what I wanted – a unique celebration, doing something healthy for my body, mind and soul – and my year started with a lot of clean energy and my mind/body/soul/heart are in total sync and totally balanced! I hope I managed to set the tone for the whole year and I am pretty certain it will be a good year because of the state I put myself in. I think New Year’s resolutions are a great idea and a perfect way to start a new habit. You can get rid of old habits by introducing the new ones and it takes around 21 days to create a new habit (if you want to be sure – better go for 40 days!). I love that this is possible and strongly encourage you to create at least one new habit that will make your life happier and healthier, whether it is doing yoga regularly, or meditation, or simply eating healthier or stopping some bad habits!

How was your celebration? Did you make some NY resolutions? Which habits are you ready to let you this year?

Either way, I hope you do have a happy and healthy New Year filled with joy, success, love, happiness and lots of positive vibes!

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