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Full moon – how does it affect our natural cycles? |

Full moon – how does it affect our natural cycles?


The Honey new moon

Does movement of planets in the skies really affect us? I tend to believe so, especially the planets close to Earth like the moon.
The phases of the moon affect tides of the big waters like seas and oceans, behavior of animals and women menstruation cycles. So thats enough proof for me :). Balinese, being very spiritual people who traditionally adhere to daily prayers and continuous ceremonies celebrate every single full moon.

A connected Universe?

We live in a connected universe (not only connected trough social media), but intrinsically connected trough the subconscious, the being, the creator inside of us. So the planet movement is part of our natural cycle and they do influence us, our behavior and thoughts, especially if we are open to acknowledge the existence of this energy. I am a big fan and student of astrology. I love how this ancient science teaches us to observe the intricacy of the universe, and to recognize the basic underlying patterns. I love the pure mathematics it is based on.

So full moon is believed to be a strong moon phase, where things reach completion. It is also relevant trough which part of the sky the moon passes. This full moon, on Friday 13th, passes trough the constellation of Sagittarius. Sagittarius being the embodiment of happiness, expansion, truth and the higher mind – these are the qualities that the moon will highlight in us. The full moon is represented as a High Priestess in Tarot – somebody who can play with the energies of the universe. So we can work with this energy…

This fool moon brings optimism and expansion

Elisabeth Peru, a spiritual consultant believes that this Full Moon on Friday 13th will bring in optimism and a deep desire for expansion. We may feel like running away from it all. Yes? Why not plan and affirm a new lifestyle for ourselves? One where we are not overlooked and we embrace all our power? Lets dig deep into our emotions, invoke the truth and help release anger from our lives. For more about that connect to her website.


Magic from the fool moon. Harness it!

There is also a superb Venus influence upon us, right at the time of the Full Moon. Venus being the planet of love, values and beauty. So love of one’s life path and purpose will be turned onto high. If you are not loving what you are involved with you may seek a radical change – shift to a soulful career path. The Goddess energy is strongest on Friday 13th and each of us will be seeking to embrace the feminine energy which is intuitive, psychic, feeling based and firmly grounded in the mysteries and invisible universe.

Fool moons are also superb for connecting to those far away, ones we haven’t spoken to in a long time. Whisper the invitation during the fool moon, send the message during moonlight : Hear my call from miles away! And they will get in touch. Give it a try!

How do Balinese celebrate full moon?

The Balinese adhering to the Hindu Dharma religion will celebrate the full moon, by preparing offerings, playing instruments and staging the traditional dances in every major temple and family shrine around the island. On this day Hindus make offerings to the Gods to beg their grace; so that one’s dark thoughts will be illuminated. Balinese celebrate the full moon as the end of the natural cycle, the passage of a month and preparation for the beginning of a new cycle.

“Through the cycle of Full Moon and Dark Moon, nature teaches us about the existence of good and evil; both revolve endlessly around our lives” Nana Artana, balinese tour guide

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