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What is the Etiquette for visiting a healer on Bali |

What is the Etiquette for visiting a healer on Bali

priestsuperYou probably read or saw Eat, Pray, Love where you heard of healer on Bali t that can read your destiny and give you spiritual advice. That was the dreamy, Hollywood version. Healer on Bali or local name is Balian, does exists, but they are not celebrities or public good. They are usually priests, live in their ancestral homes all around Bali and serve the community they live in – by healing people, removing spells, counting which is the most auspicious day to get married, pregnant, etc. So if you decide to visit a healer during your stay on Bali, please be aware of the following etiquette and show due respect.

Healer on Bali or Balian

Real healer on Bali receivea their gifts from a spirit, based on Bali Hindu philosophy. They credit this spirit with giving them their gift of healing. Others through a very long intensive study and initiation from a well known healer(s) or High Priest(esses). They are the Balinese equivalent of a “doctor”, who has to follow an etiquette and moral code, which is not that different than the modern doctor in the west. To find out more about Bali customs and culture click here.

Healers are not regarded like celebrities so don’t treat them like one

• There are so many types of healers who work on specific problems, from broken bones to broken heart, mental disorders to “mysterious” problems, so chose one that is appropriate for you.
• Expect that it will be a process–expect to receive several treatments at least and that you might have to change Balians if one does not work.* It is not an instant process; so don’t expect to be healed on your way to the Airport.
• Balinese bring an offering to a healer, with a token of appreciation (fee)inside.

Giving an offering (money) is not requested but is considered a kind gesture

At the conclusion of the day, the healer on Bali dedicates the offering of what people bring to their spirit in the family temple. For more in depth explanation about Bali temples, the must visit ones and reasons behind click here. People give what they can afford. Foreigners should give at least 100,000 Rp. Think of what you pay your Doctor! Your offering should never be less than what you are paying your guide or driver.


• Balians are regarded on a status similar to priests. Consequently if you visit one, you should show respect by dressing in a sarong and temple scarf.

• Remember always to give your offering with your right hand, and never point the bottoms of your feet at the healer. Never ever touch their head or face, which is the most sacred part of their (and your) body.

 Om Swasiastu (I greet the divine in you)!

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