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Enjoy a Drink While Watching Sunset |

Enjoy a Drink While Watching Sunset


walking on sunset

Walking during sunset

One of my favorite pastimes on Bali, and I am not the only one that indulges in it, is walking along the sandy beaches and watching the sunset.

For those located on the southwest coast of Bali, which includes Legian, Kuta, Seminyak, Batubelig, Brawa, Canggu they are up for a treat if they hit the beach at around 5:30 p.m.

Take a few hours off a busy vacation schedule ☺ to soak in the golden beams of sun sinking in the sea and lovely parade of clouds. Sun is the brightest in the afternoon, before it sets and provides a rhapsody of colors during sunset.

Sunset watching is favorite pass time on Bali

Even though Bali is a dreamy tropical island vacation, it has busy developed tourist areas. Especially on the southern part of the island the city vibe of restaurants, shopping venues and clubs can lure a tourist away from a long awaited rest and relaxation.

So put on short pants, skirt, or a sarong and flip-flops to find the first beach along those areas I mentioned.

sunset beach

Sunset bliss

Once on the sand, take those flip-flops off and give your feet a treat of walking on warm, soft sand while the ocean opens up amazing 180 degrees of gorgeous blue sea view reflecting the sky. Walking in the sea breeze along the miles long beaches whether to the left or to the right will bring you to many sunset bars, beach clubs and restaurants where you will find a bean bag to relax in with your favorite drink in hand.

More venues for watching sunset along Legian and Seminyak beach

Most of the venues are located allong Legian and Seminyak beach, and they become more scarce the further north you go.
If you face north from Jalan 66 in Legian you will encounter the simple bars with live music and bean bags. Among them is the popular La Plancha and Chrystal Palace with electronic music. The more north you go, from Jl Djanapura, more upscale restaurants and beach clubs with DJ’s await you. Here you will come upon La Luciola, Kudeta, Potato Head, W hotel, Mosaic Beach club. If you go even further north on Berawa beach you have a few cosy warungs(local) and Om restaurant and more further up Canggu near Prerenan, you have famous surfing and eating spot Echo beach with a lot of western style eateries.
The eastern coastline in Sanur is also great for walking along the beach, but there the highlight is sunrise!

The area around Bukit peninsula, Uluwatu and Ungasan, the most southern tip of the island, has a few upscale beach clubs with breathtaking views and quality food the Finns Beach Club and Karma Kandara. And their views are worth the effort it takes to reach those isolated spots. Another cool place in that area for sunsetting is El Cabron beach club on the cliff sides of Pecatu.

Whether you are a sporty type than needs a two mile daily walk, or you just want to crash into a beanbag/ lazy bed and relax you will find many other tourists and dwellers following your example. Enjoy the view!

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