Gekko Retreats promotes and develops programs for regenerating your body, mind and soul. Our purpose is to reveal self-improvement techniques in beautiful surroundings which goal is to assist you improve your lifestyle, outlook on life and help you live the life you always dreamed of. We offer wellness retreat, yoga, spa, massage, surf yoga, biotherapy workshop and lot more retreats in Bali.
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Digital marketing services

Coaches and therapists/retreat leaders

Buy our digital marketing service:

1. By listing your retreat on 3 retreat websites with high traffic we give your retreat high visibility, inquiries and sales in collaboration with 3 active retreat listing website offers digital marketing service in which we:

  1. list your retreat on 3 websites specialized in promoting retreats with maturity and high view traffic
  2. by this exposing your retreat to cca 50.000 views per month
  3. inclusion in their newsletters with 25.000 social media and 5000 newsletter recipients

On website we boost the google ranking of your retreat by investing in promoting SEO keywords best matching your concept with high search rate and low competition all of which which gives your program high visibility, inquiries and sales.

Each website actively promotes programs on their newsletter, social media and via SEO marketing service.


1. Date of retreat, at least 2 months ahead to allow enough time to promote successfully

2. 10 High resolution photos of accommodation, workshops and facilitators

3. Detailed description of accommodation, facilitators and program

129 US$ + 15% of sales

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2. Make a 7 email program for lead generation to gain subscribers and convert to sales of your programs/courses

In cooperation with website specialized in alternative healing with 9 million views per month and a team of digital marketers we assist you to create a 7 day email program to generate leads and convert to sales – by:

  1. Coaching you to nail the topic of the 7 day email program which will interest the audience in your services
  2. Helping you create 7 short videos where you share you techniques in the form of guided tips or meditations
  3. Assisting you with copy-writing and content curation
  4. Listing your profile on website with packages and prices
  5. Inclusion in monthly newsletter/social media promotion
  6. Acquire the list of subscribers to add to your community
  7. Convert to sales

299 US$ + 15% of sales

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3. Build a comprehensive digital marketing campaign involving building your tribe, funnel creation, email marketing and a challenge

Our team at creates a tailor made social media campaign in a form of a free 3- 5 day challenge focusing on your relevant point of expertise and passion, trough which we attract your target clients, capture their emails and via sharing quality content provided by you in a form of webinar or podcast create a lively discussion and engagement and sell your retreat program. At the same time with build and copy-write your email marketing sequences connected to your website and create sales funnels to keep selling your programs and services to your community on a long term basis.

Benefits and spillover:

  1. STOP HUSTLING FOR ONE ON ONE CLIENTS – capture a large targeted audience (500- 600 people) via video or podcast – as we target facebook campaign towards your target clients, gender wise, geographically and sharing the same interest so you can sell your services in peace
  2. GIVE HUGE VALUE AND CONNECT TO YOUR IDEAL CLIENT – expose your unique expertise/program to a large pool of targeted customers via closed facebook group around a topic of your specialization
  3. UPSCALE YOUR BUSINESS – create hype (social media challenge) you sell your retreat programs to targeted customers from all over the world
  4. NOT A THEORY, IT WORKS – create sales funnels to capture leads for expending your community even further
  5.  READY TO LAUNCH- copy-write email marketing sequences to sell your retreat/services to your community
  6. SELL YOUR SERVICES – sell your products and services on ongoing basis to your growing community


-having a website for your services/programs or retreats

– ability to record a webinar or podcast and be available to participate in facebook group discussion for 5 days

– 3 months before retreat start planning the campaign

2229 US$

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Here is why:

  • To enter into a competitive retreat business, you need to have system that works, and we are offering a system based on successful model. It doesn’t make sense to go out there by yourself and re-invent the wheel or lose money testing the process while we are offering service that really works
  • The investment in our services increases exponentially the success of your retreats. and multiplies the chances to get your business rolling off the ground and get in the success faster
  • Our system builds a long term community around your brand, so you can relax and focus on what you do best  – organizing and leading retreats and not hustling to get clients
  • Investment in our services will pay off with selling your first retreat, so ROI period is very short!
  •  Any focus not based on building a long term community/capturing leads around your brand (email lists, facebook groups…) means losing opportunities and wasting 90% of investment that is one of the most important factors of success in today’s competitive market.
  • Buying a high priced ticket item is not “a spur of a moment” decision. You have to provide tons of value and engagement before asking someone to buy your retreat.
  • Individual prices for our package services are 5 -10 times more expensive, and to build a successful business you will eventually have to use these services anyway
— how much individual services like ours cost – cca 6000 US$:
Our package includes a few quite expensive individual services:
1) Project management – we handle the whole project so you don’t have to worry about anyone other than communicating with one person. If you were to handle this type of project yourself, you’d need to coordinate with at least 3-4 different partners.
2) Marketing expert –  mostly offer services of creating marketing strategies and funnel layout. Their fees are $2000-4000 per project
3) Copy-writing – professional copywriter is needed order to provide well structured content to marketing team ( sales page, webinar script, email followup campaigns, post webinar promotion…) – Fee $1000
4) Technical implementation – you would need to hire a developer to implement marketing funnel, connect email software and webinar platform – Fee $700-1000
5) Community manager – most companies hire community managers to handle their social accounts and email subscribers in cooperation with content creators – Fee $500
6) Sales person – if client isn’t comfortable with selling, they hire a sales person to promote their event through different channels. Fees go from 20 – 45% of profit.

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