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Ayurveda Yoga Massage – get stretched! |

Ayurveda Yoga Massage – get stretched!

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One of of Gekko’s great therapeutic finds on Bali is Ayurveda Yoga massage.

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a combination deep tissue massage followed by series of yoga stretching accompanied by breath work. You just lay there, breathe and the therapist does all the work!

What are the benefits?

The purpose is to remove knots and adhesions in the muscles, release tension, restore harmony trough series of yoga postures and detoxify the body with the use of Ayurvedic oils and herbal powder applied during the massage. Even though your body is relaxing, it is a 90 minute healing workout!

The Ayurveda Yoga massage has been developed in India, in Puna and studied and practiced for a number of years in the west. Ayurveda is “science of life”, ancient natural healing technique originated from the Vedic tradition, that teaches health is a balanced integration between our environment, body, mind, and spirit. Read more about Ayurveda and its guiding principles, benefits and other treatments offered in our retreats in the following articles.

Ayurvedic oil and herbal powder applied during Ayurveda Yoga massage helps release the toxins from body and balance the three energies in our body: Vata, Pitta, Kapha, and assists healing.

assisted stretching

Sesame oil and Calamus powder are doing the trick

The oil used for massage is the cold pressed sesame oil , which helps create balance in the bodily elementsand naturally assist the nervous system to relax.  Herbal powder used in the massage is Calamus and it is a very good detoxifying herb, used at the same time as a scrub. It is anti septic, anti-inflammatory and exfoliating. It helps bring out the deep seated toxins from lymph and muscles. For me Calamus smells a bit like bee pollen so it assisted the sensation of relaxation and well being during the massage. The session is performed on a mat on the floor for free flow of stretching movement and massage for 90 minutes.

The therapist gives you a passive workout!

The techniques uses both hands and feet as tools for massage. My therapist Wayan, an experienced and well trained dear Balinese lady, was gentle but strong, always asking if i was comfortable with the pressure, is she stretching me too much, and responding to my feedback…Its a treatment where the therapist and you, the patient, collaborate closely together in unlocking your body’s deep physical and emotional blockages, stress, uncomfortable posture practices and opening it up to the harmonious flow of energy and vitality. You should trust your therapist and by relaxing let your body do all kinds of impossible positions with therapists proper guidance.

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

This comprehensive approach to the body brings more Prana, vital energy in the body and mind, helps to remove the toxins seated deep in to the musculoskeletal system and in the blood stream .The series of yoga stretching helps in better alignment and breathing and encouragement to maintain proper posture during the daily life.

I enjoyed my therapy session, but it was no slacking, its a profound healing therapy. I felt like i was disassembled, washed, cleansed, stretched, realigned and put back together again in a better, healthier, integrated way. I recommend it completely!

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