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Are you living the best version of yourself? - NLP Training Bali |

Are you living the best version of yourself?

Are you living the best version of yourself?

How NLP helps you reach your goals faster

I feel very grateful to have had opportunity to take a course with Anita Kozlowski M.Sc., the founder of Live with Power NLP Seminars and Structural Psychology training institute in Canada. I personally witnessed her courses bring intense transformations in participants lives.

Anita Kozlowski likes to think of herself as mind scientist, she is internationally licensed NLP trainer, master of Ericksonian Hypnosis, Human Designer Engineering and a coach.

Gekko Retreats: Anita, tell us what is neuro-linguistic programming and why is it so successful in creating fast changes in personal growth?

Anita: True Neurolinguistic Programming is a powerful methodology in Applied Psychology. It focuses on how you create your experience in your mind. You cannot change the past but you can change the way you relate to it

We are a product of how we communicate with ourselves.

Fear of success is a good example. It doesn’t happen by itself. If you feel blocked, stuck to pursue your goals, you are doing something internally to get to that state. Most likely you imagine something, create a picture of something (which happens fast) and give yourself a signal to feel a certain feeling.

How you create that internal process before you feel blocked or stuck is a function of your beliefs about “reality” and how you see yourself in the movie of your mind.

These beliefs are typically formulated early in life and exist at the level of your other than conscious mind. They are the drivers of your emotions, your expectations and your current results.

With True NLP we can easily dismantle this system, identify the underlying beliefs, and make changes at a deep, other than conscious level. NLP gives a model to become masters of our own emotions and become accountable for our results.

What I find amazing is the client often needs only one or two sessions and is free of their issue. Phobias can be cured in less than 20 minutes one hundred percent of the time.

Gekko Retreats: 70 percent of your clients are women. What are the main reasons women are interested in learning true NLP, in your opinion?

Anita: Women are naturally inclined towards self-development and inherently interested in creating and maintaining relationships. I believe it is our biological function.

The majority of women attending my trainings are coaches or therapists, managers or CEOs, sales professionals and entrepreneurs. Many take the trainings for gaining self- esteem and improving the relationship with the self, gaining personal power in interpersonal relationships, management, becoming powerful communicators and problem solvers.

In the fast shifting economy where women take over leadership roles, we must become flexible, redesign our career if necessary, and roll with pressure to stay on top.

Gekko Retreats: What specific skills learned at your seminar or during coaching were considered to be most beneficial to women in business?

Anita: I have coached many women in business. One in particular stands out – Barbara Steel. She was a therapist heading a large organization consisting of many therapists working for her. After she took NLP trainings, she expanded her services to people with serious health issues.

As a result she created a franchise for therapy and coaching specializing in treating these problems. These are the cases where people were told they would die within two years. I think this is amazing.

I also remember a realtor who grew her business from 100K a year to 2 million dollars per year in eight months after she redefined who she was deep inside. When she shifted her self-worth from 100K a year professional to 2 million dollars a year entrepreneur changing people’s lives, her financial success became extraordinary. This was the most dramatic change I have ever seen in a short time.

We must know our value, our purpose, to be able to set and accomplish our goals.

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Written by Iva Tarle

Guest post written by Iva Tarle is a Croatian entrepreneur that left a well-paid job in diplomacy and moved to Bali. She is a founder of Gekko Retreats, online booking platform for vacations for mind, body and soul offering support for gifted coaches, trainers and yoga teachers to build their own retreat on Bali. You can find out more about the exclusive vacations and services

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