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Venus Retrograde Revamp Your Inner Goddess |

2015 Venus Retrograde: Revamp your Inner Goddess

Venus is a planet that symbolizes beauty, love but also money and our values and when it goes retrograde its a great time to turn our attention inwards and reevaluate, rethink, go over our life lessons. To dig up our inner goddess and start afresh, as new empowered version of you.

Some astrologers believe this period will be about reevaluating our relationships. Some say it will be a battle between the two aspects of our loving styles – the receptive, loving, reflective seasoned Hesperus Venus and the sexual, pleasurable, selfish morning star Venus…

Some say our intimate connections will take on a whole new meaning. Karma will bring about old relationships to repair broken loves, to fall in love with somebody new, or to bring closure to any long dead relationship.

The 2015 Venus retrograde runs from Jul 25 until Sep 6, so we have 40 days to work it out.

I, for a change, want to look at this 2015 Venus retrograde from the aspect of our values: are we loving ourselves enough? Are our relationships serving us? Are we grateful for all the goodness we have in our lives? Are we doing enough of what makes us happy? Or are we listening to what others impose on us, what is considered to be socially acceptable?

Venus will retrograde in Leo, so it sends a message to look at ourselves as centers of our own personal universe and understand what drives us to be creative, positive, generous, and how are we claiming our own power?

Depending on the house and planets this 2015 Venus retrograde is transiting, the focus will aspect different segment of your life.

Some of the questions that will pop up are: How do we get things that we want? Are we staying in our own power or do we give up our authenticity to get the desired results.

Do we give up all the things we love to be in a relationships, to satisfy the other?

Our feminine authentic self is special. So fragile and so powerful at the same time. By owning who we truly are, life gives us space to claim our power. The power of our inner goddess comes from respecting the inner truth and living up to it.

You will ask, this inner goddess, feminine power is it a myth or real worldly, palpable power?

It is real. It comes from integrity, from alignment of who we really are, from integration of our values in everyday life. It is about listening to our bodies and our true feelings, while understanding that we are our best ally and our best friend. This is exactly what it means to be aligned with our feminine essence, our unique expression of the divine will.

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Dewisri by Yan Suryana, Javanese, Sundanese and Balinese goddess of rice, goddess of Fertility. Pre-hindu and Pre-islam deity. She is still worshiped on parts of Bali and parts of Java. It symbolizes fertility, abundance, prosperity

How well are you taking care of yourself? Are you listening to what you need?

Our inner compass is here to guide us, if we feel resistance towards something, we should not do it. There is a good reason, which will be revealed later on. Also, we should do more of what we enjoy, what truly makes us happy.

So how will this serve you in relationships with others? By stepping into our own power, we begin to understand we are worthy of love. By aligning with our soul and with our essence we gain clarity of what kind of relationship is right for us. So we can act from the point of love and not out of fear.

By serving our selves first, by loving ourselves we no longer seek to satisfy our egos, we naturally realize we are here to give unconditional love.

This is a very good time to look at how you are you loving you. Loving ourselves is a prerequisite of loving anyone else.

And you may want to evaluate where you are right now in your life and where you are going? What is holding you back? Are you doing what is right for you, from the soul-centered focus? And what changes do you need to make to achieve your goals and your dreams?

So when Venus moves forward you can move forward with your newly created, authentic, empowered life too.

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